Secret is Revealed: Find out Why CHROMA Pigments are so Exclusive

If you’re into cosmetology, you’ve probably already heard of CHROMA pigments. Exclusively used for the application of permanent makeup, CHROMA pigments are crucial to ensuring the success of the procedure. A well-trained permanent makeup artist knows that the key to amazing results lies in the concentration and quality of the pigment used.

Check out the top reasons why CHROMA pigments are so noteworthy:

Safe on the Skin

The most important factor in analyzing what pigments to use for permanent makeup is the safety of its components. Will it cause an allergic reaction? Is it dangerous? Can it cause harm in the future? The answer for CHROMA is no. CHROMA pigments are specifically designed to ensure that they are harm-free, and gentle on the skin. Using these pigments is not only safe, but is more effective and longer lasting than other pigments. Note that a patch test is recommended to ensure 100% accuracy and a safeguard to an allergic reaction.

Compact Size

One of the special qualities of CHROMA pigments is their size. At a three milliliter volume, this compact bottle is the perfect size for every specific color. The CHROMA pigments are not only ideal in size, but have a spill-free feature, so you no longer have to worry about getting dirty or making a mess.

Get Them for Free!

When signing up for a permanent makeup course with the Academy of Advanced Cosmetics, CHROMA pigments are included in the package! You’ll have the ability to use these high-quality and long-lasting pigments on your model and ensure that you are getting perfect practice with only the best tools. When learning to microblade, you’ll get these exclusive pigments and see the difference it makes for revolutionizing the eyebrow look!

Why CHROMA? There Are Other Pigments Out There

Of course, in this large world of cosmetics, there are many competitors trying to reach the same quality as CHROMA pigments. It is difficult to reach such status, as CHROMA pigments are exclusively made to ensure skin safety, high pigment concentration, and offer a wide variety of colors. From dark brown all the way to warm pumpkin, CHROMA pigments have it all!

What’s also important to consider is that unlike harmful pigments developed in China, CHROMA pigments are made in the U.S. America has ultimately adopted more precise precautions while using only the most advanced materials in the development of these pigments. Unlike CHROMA pigments, Chinese pigments, although low in price are also low in quality and may be harmful to the skin.

Where Can I Buy?

With such an increase in demand, it’s important that you get the very best pigments at the very best price. As experts in the field of permanent makeup, we have the best tools at the most affordable prices. Browse through our gorgeous selection of CHROMA pigments to get them before they’re gone. You can sort the products from best-selling all the way to the newest pigments available. Congratulations, you’ve got yourself one of the best deals!


Although any permanent makeup artist can buy pigments for their sessions, it is important to consider what high-quality pigments are. Pigments vary from organic to inorganic compounds. Most pigments that are developed today are dry colorants that are refined into powder and then added into a matrix of neutral material that binds all compounds together. This process ultimately determines the quality of your pigments. Chroma pigments are refined into highly concentrated powder to ensure the highest class of color and efficiency. Yes, there are other pigments out there, but there is no competition when it comes to Chroma pigments.

Get your CHROMA pigments now, or try them out when signing up for a permanent makeup course! We all hate regrets, so don’t wait to make a great decision and get started today.

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