The Top 5 Microblading Myths Debunked

It seems like everyone is a microblading expert lately. Everywhere you go, you’re going to hear advice, tips, insider info, and a whole lot of myths about microblading.

We’re here to put a stop to that. After all, we’re called the Academy of Advanced Cosmetics (emphasis on advanced) for a reason. Our expert team of has over a decade of experience in cosmetic procedures of all shapes and sizes, including microblading.

Check out the top five microblading myths that just won’t seem to die below. Learn the truth about them and take a look at our course schedule if you want to become a master microblader yourself.


Microblading Hurts

Myth number one is that microblading hurts and hurts a lot. This isn’t the case at all.

Microblading is a form of tattooing (more on this below), but it doesn’t feel like your standard tattoo. It doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t feel like a thousand bees stinging your eyebrows. It doesn’t feel like getting stung by a jellyfish on your face.

Yes, we’ve heard both of those before.

Microblading will sting a bit and your eyebrows are probably going to be sore for a little while after. That’s it. Nothing more, we promise.


Microblading is the Same as a Tattoo

This myth gets complicated because it’s both true…and false.

Microblading is the process of adding pigment to the dermis of your skin. Tattooing is the process of adding pigment to the dermis of your skin. Therefore, it stands to reason microblading is the same as tattooing. Nope.

Microblading is a type of tattoo. This is where the name “cosmetic tattooing” comes from. Microblading isn’t done with the same machine as a tattoo, though, and it doesn’t feel the same. It also doesn’t heal the same way a tattoo does (swelling and the risk of possible infection).

So yep, microblading is a type of tattoo. Nope, microblading isn’t the same as a tattoo.


Microblading Isn’t Permanent

Microblading is permanent. Now this doesn’t mean it’s going to last forever. Factors like the type of pigment used (more on this in a second), your skin tone, your lifestyle, and your exposure to UV rays all affect how long your microblade lasts.

This myth probably got started because the pigment used in microblading and tattoos are different. Tattoo ink uses chemicals like chromium, nickel, ash, and more. Microblading pigment uses iron oxide. That’s it. Nothing more and nothing less.

Now, it’s important to note that tattoos use iron oxide too. However, they mix it with all those other chemicals, which produces a very different final product.


Microblading Uses a Blade

We get this one. It’s called microblading, after all, of course it involves a blade.

Nope. No blade at all. We promise.

Microblading is done with a number of tiny needles attached to a handle. The configuration of needles often looks like a brush. Each set of needles is single use and should never be used more than once. That’s how diseases like hepatitis C are spread.


Any Salon Can Offer Microblading

Only salons that have special certifications can offer microblading. Permanent makeup artists are overseen by individual state’s Boards of Health. They’re the only ones who can give out this certification. Despite how popular microblading is becoming, do not go to just any place to get it done.

There you have it: the five most popular microblading myths. Now that you know the truth about them, it’s time to take your microblading knowledge to the next level with a certification from the Academy of Advanced Cosmetics! Contact us now to learn more.

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