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EdgeJuvination Course

Course Description

EdgeJuvination is a new course developed by AAC Founder Feleshia Sams to restore the hairline of both men and women that are losing edges due to hair loss. Our patent pending technique involves a multi-step procedure that is like no other that has been seen in the industry. EdgeJuvination is much different from Scalp Micropigmentation in that Scalp Micropigmentation is best suited for most men that have buzzed cut hair. Our patent pending system is better suited for individuals with longer hair. This course is a great add on for Scalp Micropigmentation Artist, hairstylist, permanent makeup artist, microblading artist, and or tattoo artist. This is an advance course alone but can be taken in conjunction with our Scalp Micropigmentation Course if you are new to the industry.

Course Total Cost: $1,500

women with fading hair

EdgeJuvination Course Details

Course Includes:

  • Online Instruction with access for 90 days
  • Course Manual
  • Temporary Tattoo License
  • Full-Service Kit valued at $1,100 (kit allows for 20 – 25 procedures) includes: Digital Tattoo Machine, Needles, Pigments, Pigment Cups, Pigment Rings, Pull Pencil, Adhesive Rulers, Practice Skins, Micro applicators
  • Certification


This is a beginner’s course. Because this course falls under the area of the Department of Health a temporary tattoo license is required and will be purchased by the Academy for each student working on a live model.  This course is NOT under Cosmetology.  Therefore, YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE AN ESTHETICIAN OR A COSMOTOLOGIST TO TAKE THIS COURSE.

EdgeJuvination Course Outline

  • Sterilization
  • Cross Contamination prevention
  • Color Theory
  • Skin Anatomy
  • Client Consultation
  • Digital Machine Needle Theory
  • Aftercare
  • Machine Theory and Setup
  • Procedure Setup
  • Hands on Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure
  • Hands on Areola Procedure
  • Business Setup
  • Insurance
  • Licensing Requirements
  • Marketing
  • Pricing

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