Model Interest
Microblading Model

Are you desiring Microblading? Become a Microblading Student model at the Academy of Advanced Cosmetics. Here is important information:

Ideal Candidate:
1.  Adult Female or Male between the age of 20 to 45 years old
2.  Sparse Eyebrows
3.  No previous Eyebrow Tattoo
4.  Not Pregnant
5.  Not currently on retinol or retin-a
6.  No transmittable blood conditions (HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis)
7.  Not prone to excessive bleeding

Next Steps:

An AAC Model Management representative will contact you to discuss your model application, provide you with the next model dates, and a full consultation.

What Should I know?

Permanent makeup will appear extremely intense and thick immediately after the procedure. The color will not even look right the first few days. Other factors are added to the permanent makeup pigment bottles to counteract the undertones of facial skin. Browns can look orangish-brown, blonde brows may look too yellow, lip colors are shocking! Some colors initially look too bright and others look too dark. But don't worry - it changes. Excess pigment sheds off over the next 2-3 days, and then the skin starts healing over. A layer of healed skin on top of the pigment masks and tones it down considerably. As swelling goes down the lines will be thinner. On about the fourth day you are close to looking normal and no one notices anything. Colors will continue to soften over the next few weeks. It will look very natural in 1- 2 months.

Procedure Dates
Tuesday, 9:45am - 1:30pm
Our Location
Academy of Advanced Cosmetics 2662 Holcomb Bridge Road, Suite 330, Alpharetta, 30022
Service Fee


How To Apply


  1. Include a full description of your current eyebrow needs.
  2. Upload a head shot and a closeup photo with no eyebrow makeup on.
  3. We want to see a clear shot of your eyebrows so please have a good close up pictures with good lighting.
  4. We need a total of 2-4 pictures.
    1. Full face
    2. Close up of both eyebrows
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Thank you for submitting your model application. We will contact you shortly!