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We're located at a new address.
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1875 Old Alabama Road, Unit 625,
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Tattoo Removal Online Training Course

Tattoo Removal Online Training Course

Course Description

With so many permanent makeup mishaps and tattoo regrets this is a booming field with lots of earning potential. This course will teach you how to safely lighten/remove both permanent makeup, microblading, and small tattoos with our salt saline solution. The process can be used with all skin types and can be more effective than traditional laser tattoo removal processes.

Benefits of Chroma Tattoo Removal:

  • Works by the process ofosmosis
  • Effective for all pigment colors
  • When utilized properly, lesslikely to cause scarring.​
  • Effective, simple to use, safeand quick.​
  • Can be used to remove eyeliner
  • Dramatic results seen withone treatment.​
  • Has patented pending healing ingredients that are much gentler for the skin
  • Can be used on small traditional tattoo’s

Course Total Cost: $400 

Preview The Course In Action

Below is our Tatoo Removal Training

Tattoo Removal video cover

Tattoo Removal Online Course Details

Course Includes:

  • Approximately 8-hour course
  • Removal Solution
  • Downloadable Certification

Course Duration Breakdown:

About 8 hours


This is an advance course.  Previous microblading and or digital machine experience required.

Tattoo Removal Online Course Outline

  • Sanitization
  • History of Tattooing
  • Removal Options
  • Needle Theory
  • Digital Machine Theory
  • Removal with Saline
  • Insurance

Benefits of Chroma Tattoo Removal

  • Chroma solution is good for all skin types unlike other tattoo removal
  • Chroma is very affordable for both artist and client
  • Chroma removes all pigment / ink colors
  • Chroma is the most gentle non laser solution that has proprietary ingredients that do not cause scarring
  • Chroma is an all natural solution

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