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First Time Microblading Experience

Watch two of our student models express their first Microblading experience at AAC! Their story will prepare you for Microblading and answer many of your questions.

AAC has opportunities to have procedures done as a model. As a model, you may receive permanent makeup, microblading (eyebrows), paramedical tattooing or eyelash extensions by our students under the close supervision of our Master Educator. Being a model is a safe process in that our students are closely supervised during all procedures. It is also a great way to receive expensive services at a greatly reduced cost. If you feel you would be a good candidate and would like to be considered, please email us below for more information. Please include name, email, best contact numbers and the service you are interested in being a model for. There is a small fee for each procedure:

  • Permanent Makeup $75.00
  • Microblading & Ombre Eyebrows $50.00
  • Paramedical Tattooing $50.00
  • Eyelash Extensions $25.00

Model Submission Form