Model Interest
Permanent Makeup Lip Model

Are you desiring Microblading? Become a Microblading Student model at the Academy of Advanced Cosmetics. Here is important information:

Ideal Candidate:
1.  Adult Female or Male between the age of 20 to 45 years old
2.  Light color lips
3.  Lip colors that are not too dark
4.  No skin that hyperpigments
5.  Not currently on retinol or retin-a
6.  No transmittable blood conditions (HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis)
7.  Not prone to excessive bleeding

Next Steps:

An AAC Model Management representative will contact you to discuss your model application, provide you with the next model dates, and a full consultation.

What Should I know?

If you are having a permanent lip color procedure and you have ever had a cold sore you may have another outbreak. It is important that if you are prone to cold sores that you take Valtrex at least 3 days before your appointment and another 3 days after.  Keep in mind over 70% of the US is infected with the Cold Sore Virus so you may have the virus in your system  and are unaware.

Procedure Dates
Dates Vary
Our Location
Academy of Advanced Cosmetics 2662 Holcomb Bridge Road, Suite 330, Alpharetta, 30022
Service Fee


How To Apply


  1. Include a full description of your current lip color needs.
  2. Upload a head shot and a closeup photo with no lip makeup on.
  3. We want to see a clear shot of your lips so please have a good close up pictures with good lighting.
  4. We need a total of 2-4 pictures.
    1. Full face
    2. Close up of lips
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Thank you for submitting your model application. We will contact you shortly!